About Us

About Us

Welcome to MyDateNote.com, the ultimate destination for rare Date Notes and a passion project that's close to my heart. I'm George Markakis, and I've been a dedicated collector for over 35 years. My journey into the world of Date Notes began in an unexpected way, during a poker game with friends. It was a pivotal moment that led me to discover a unique Date Note—a dollar bill standing on its edge, bearing a Date Note. I took it as a sign, and it brought me luck as I won that round of poker.

My love for poker has taken me around the world, participating in tournaments, but I've always kept that Date Note as a good luck charm. Over the years, I've introduced friends to the world of Date Notes, and together, we've built a remarkable collection of over 15,000 Date Notes. Our upcoming inaugural auction will feature not only my notes but also selections from my friends' personal collections.

On MyDateNote.com, you have the opportunity to explore our extensive collections and discover some of the most extraordinary Date Notes we've come across during our journey. It's more than just collecting; it's about commemorating special days, celebrating historical events, and creating meaningful connections through these unique pieces of currency.

Date Notes can serve many purposes, from marking weddings and anniversaries to celebrating famous birthdays and honoring historical milestones. They are conversation starters, historical markers, and cherished tokens of remembrance.

Our gallery section showcases some of the most remarkable Date Notes we've encountered in our years of collecting. We invite you to explore these extraordinary pieces and consider joining us on this incredible journey. If you have any questions or are interested in consigning your collection to one of our upcoming quarterly auctions, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to sharing our passion with you and helping you find that perfect Date Note that holds significance for you.