Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Date Notes, and what is the site about?

A: MyDateNote.com specializes in collectible Date Notes, which are currency notes with serial numbers that spell out specific dates. These dates can represent anything from birthdays and anniversaries to historical events. While we initially focus on US currency and the true 8-digit US or European Date Format (using all 8 digits), we plan to expand to include international currency and different date formats in the future.

Q: Who is the founder of this site?

A: MyDateNote.com was founded by a passionate collector with over 22,000 Date Notes. He's dedicated to sharing this unique hobby and helping people discover the joy of collecting Date Notes.

Q: What happened to the auction?

A: After receiving much feedback from the initial respondents in the Date Note collecting community we realized that switching to an e-commerce mode of business would be much more beneficial to the community and those looking to acquire these rare and special commemorative fancy notes.

Q: What is a Date Note, and why are they so rare and valuable in today's changing currency landscape?

A: A Date Note is a distinctive form of currency where the 8-digit serial number precisely signifies a date in the authentic 2-digit month, two-digit day, and 4-digit year format. The rarity of finding a specific serial number is extraordinary, with the odds standing at a mere 1 in 100 million, a level of scarcity akin to finding a needle in a haystack. To put this rarity into perspective, it's on par with locating a four-leaf clover in a vast field, capturing a winning lottery ticket, or discovering a particular pearl in an ocean of oysters.

This extraordinary rarity, however, has recently been amplified due to a significant shift in United States paper currency production. Currency dealer Mike Abramson uncovered a little-known but significant change in the Federal Reserve's currency production process, a change that could ultimately impact the future availability of star notes—a key element in Date Note collection. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing's Capital Investment Plan for the 2023 fiscal year includes the acquisition of new machinery, the NS LEPE (Non-sequential Large Examining and Printing Equipment). This advanced equipment can print larger sheets of currency notes but with a crucial difference.

Historically, US currency has been produced with sequential serial numbers, allowing collectors to more easily locate specific dates or date sequences. However, the introduction of the NS LEPE equipment marks a significant departure from this norm. This new machinery will operate in a manner that results in nonconsecutive sequencing of currency straps, breaking the traditional pattern. Even more important for collectors is the fact that this new equipment will not produce star notes, which are typically used to replace imperfect notes in a strap of newly printed notes.

The consequence of this shift in currency production is that future serial number patterns in currency straps may contain gaps and will no longer follow consecutive sequences. This means that finding specific date sequences on newly printed notes may become increasingly challenging in the future.

To delve deeper into this evolving currency landscape and its impact on Date Note rarity and value, we encourage you to read our detailed article on our website, Are ‘star notes’ becoming an endangered species? (coinworld.com). This article provides valuable insights into the changing dynamics of US currency production and its implications for Date Note collectors.

Q: Why should I collect Date Notes?

A: Collecting Date Notes is a unique and enjoyable way to commemorate special occasions or historical events. It's a rewarding hobby for those who appreciate the history and significance of Date Notes.

Q: How does the wish list work?

A: Our website allows registered users to create a "Wish List" of Date Notes they wish to purchase but are not available at this time.   Simply click "Add to Wish List" on a Date Note's page. You can view and manage your "Wish List" in your account. Adding a Date Note to your wish list does not obligate you to purchase it but it does guarantee that you will get notified if it ever becomes available.

Q: I had a wish list on your first site, where is it now?

A: In our switch to e-commerce we were unable to do a direct import of your existing wish list items as the data was specific to our system. We did, however, make notes of your wish list in your customer profile that we were able to import. If you would like a list of the items from your previous wish list, please contact us.

Q: Does registering and creating a wish list obligate me to purchase the Date Notes in the future?

A: No, registration and wish lists are not commitments to purchase. They simply allow you to receive notifications when specific Date Notes become available.

Q: Are there any plans for auctions on the site?

A: While initially intended as quarterly auctions to sell the founder's notes, our plans have evolved. We are transitioning to become a matching platform for buyers and sellers to easily find and sell Date Notes they desire.

Q: What denominations will the notes be?

A: Our initial sales will feature $1 or $2 notes in the true two-digit month, two-digit day, and four-digit year formats. Two-digit day, two-digit month, and four-digit year formats for EU dates where available. However, when our matching services start, we will open our consignments to all denominations as long as they are in the true, 8 digit, US or European formats.

Q: What condition will the notes be in?

A: We focus on the date format, and for the purpose of our sales, notes will be in a range of conditions.

Q: Why are the images in grayscale, and what is your return policy?

A: We do not accept returns on Date Notes. Please note that when you purchase a Date Note, you acquire the unique serial number, not the condition of the note. We recommend carefully reviewing the Date Note images before buying to ensure satisfaction.

Q: Why do you ask for both my email and cell phone number upon registration?

A: Providing both your email and cell phone number ensures you receive timely notifications about available Date Notes. This helps you avoid missing out on Date Notes that interest you.

Q: Will MyDateNote.com sell my information?

A: No, we highly value your privacy. Our upcoming matching service will maintain your information securely, and no private details will be exchanged between buyers and sellers.

Q: Are you buying Date Note collections and accepting consignments?

A: While our initial focus is on selling the founder's collection, we plan to transition into a matching service where we may purchase collections and accept consignments.

Q: What is the date range of Date Notes that the site offers or that I can put on my wish list?

A: Initially, the date range covers from 1400 to 2030. However, this will expand as we introduce international currency and different date formats in the future.

Q: What types of currency and date formats does the site offer?

A: While we initially focus on US currency and recognize the true 8-digit US or European Date Format, we also respect the diversity of collectors' preferences. Our core recognition is based on the two-digit month, two-digit day, and four-digit year formats commonly used and recognized in the US and Europe. For instance, 02/04/1996 is recognized as a US format Date Note for February 4th, 1996, and 04/02/1996 is recognized as a European format Date Note for the 4th of February, 1996. However, formats like 0021996, 00421996, 02040096, or 00429600 do not fit these criteria. It's worth noting that we have plans to expand to include additional international currencies and various date formats in the future.